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What's new with Melanie? [12 Dec 2006|06:10pm]
I was accepted into Boston University
and next fall I'll be moving to Boston, Massachusetts
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[03 Dec 2005|06:48pm]


my brother's website. everyone should check it out because i'm so proud of him and love him


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this is what i do at 3 in the morning [13 Nov 2005|03:23am]
first lauren sucks me into checking horoscopes...now i'm taking quizzes like thisCollapse )
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so if you have the hotts for one of the tennis girls, this is the place for you [08 Oct 2005|11:29pm]
how my fall has beenCollapse )
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this is how i put off homework [27 Aug 2005|12:33pm]
Click here.
Take the quiz.
Post your results.
See grandmasta_g's results.Collapse )

today tennis was rained out again. i wont go into details of the week really
but i was the only mott girl who won matches in the grosse pointe south and troy tournaments this week.
and haas is out of the us open. larry didn't want to tell me because he thought i'd commit suicide.
that's okay, tommy is coming back you guys

you guys all need to join HOPE at mott. aids walk is in less than 3 weeks. tell me if you want to do it because i'm organizing it all now
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[15 Aug 2005|11:41pm]
so i was getting on the lj site and decided to just GLANCE at the goat mosaic on the homepage, and hey!
look what i foundCollapse )
oh and by the way, i had this gigantic, bigger-than-a-popcan bruise on my leg and had no clue where it came from. after showing it off to people for days, i finally realized that i got it when i was hit, along with q's wonderful car, with eggs and pickles... by genius friends, to add. thanks for that dudes.
whatever, i took it like a manCollapse )
haas better get far in the us open or i'll flip. he sprains his knee one more time and i might not talk to his poster everynight
i dont think nadals up for winning this one yet
vamos anywaysCollapse )
i wish i were in cincinnatti watching them today, but then again playing the same match with kimmy 3 times was really fun too. yes.
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[09 Aug 2005|02:47am]
yesterday my mom was cleaning and found her old graduation photo. she was 16...
something that's actually kind of scary to meCollapse )
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I really should be going to bed but thats alright [01 Aug 2005|02:42am]
so the past month?Collapse )
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[04 Jul 2005|07:44pm]
I miss FrenchieCollapse )
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[23 Jun 2005|12:07pm]
I never do these but AMBER just HAD to tag meCollapse )
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happy fathers day! [19 Jun 2005|12:20am]
so the picture-documenting continues...
my first day of summer!Collapse )
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!!! [15 Jun 2005|11:22am]
I'm cool, and lisa k taught me how to use lj so she's cool too
My BIG end-of-year picture postCollapse )
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it's my birthday! [17 Apr 2005|01:17am]
[ mood | groggy ]

well you guys, it's my birthday, and i figured, hey i got this for my birthday last year(thanks rachel and maddie) so i should make like an anniversary post this year. In the past year, i've made a whole of 16 updates. kind of a coincidence, right? 16-16. as in alot of my friends are 16. but not me. finally i'm the big 1-8

sooooo yes, what a year... i'm still not wanting to actually say anything in this. well just keep writing stuff you guys and i'll be commenting. unless i don't comment on your journal. then i'm just letting you know i'm still around.

happy birthday today, of course, to:
and ME

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!!!! [18 Feb 2005|06:18pm]
screw it, updating's for the fricking birds
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[21 Jan 2005|01:05pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

so i'll update. i only keep this thing to comment on everyone else's journals, but then you guys don't get to read about me! but screw the bitching and bragging... it's gonna be strictly pictures here. good?

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[13 Aug 2004|11:02am]
i think i broke my hand today.
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goose liver patte [18 Jul 2004|12:31am]
[ mood | have to pee ]

my brother was swimming in the gulf of mexico a couple days ago and got bitten by something, and lost all feeling in his arm. i laughed really hard when i heard from my mom

so mom goes, "yeah and he asked tato (my dad) if the old wives tale was true that if a starfish bites you, you should pee on it." "i don't know, i think it's true, mom. i saw it on survivor, and didn't that happen in cast away too?" " i don't understand why that would help though... peeing on it?" "well maybe the ammonia does something to heal it or take the sting away or something" "oohhh you mean on the bite? i thought you meant pee on the starfish"

i swear to god. same woman who was convinced there was a beef crash in '62, when asked to buy low sodium crackers, she buys saltines, and is convinced that if you don't know what fragua is, you're a moron


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FAME! [16 Jul 2004|01:26pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

So i had this dream last night..
i had a baby sister that i had been really close to when she was little, and i had forgotten about her for a long time. then i was having flashbacks i guess, and then looked back in christmas pictures and saw her, and so i was looking for her, and in the end i found out she had a defect and turned into this gigantic, gruesome fish that i had seen before.i was friends with a scientist that had the fish in this huge pool in a weird aluminum room, and to get to the platform in the middle of the room to look at this fish thing, which was like the size of a little whale, you had to swim to it. since the fish thing was man eating, you could die. so then it started talking i guess to me and i remembered how we used to hang out when she was a baby, and i had a flashback of when we were together in a dressing room waiting for tina to try on clothes. oh and my baby sister's name was melanie and looked just like me. in the end,i fed some people to her and they like disintegrated into rice stuff in the water, and she said it would hold her over until i came back soon

i think it means something

a large part of this week was spent whiting out a line on my dad's campaign ads, putting stickers on another part of the ads, and stamping other ads

mickey and i have talked alot more lately. i miss him so much. it's crazy how someone can understand you and what you're feeling more than anyone else, even if they're on the other side of the country

maddie and i finished drivers ed on the 9th. she's the bomb at driving. i'm okay, i just get really nervous. i don't really want to drive. i still don't have my permit because i don't want it

i've been hanging out with steph again!,since i only see her in the summer. we're going to boarding school next summer, maybe. that is one good friend man. kotula too.but she's going to some bratty, rich girl horse camp soon, so i won't see her. plus she ditched our team

i watched fame! yesterday. one of my new favorite movies.go buy it

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It's like the Boho version of the Island of Lost Toys [20 Jun 2004|06:35pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

men's chocolate
marble tea
chocolate marble
black bitter marble
cornflakes and almond
winter release
spring release
summer release
giant mikan
hello kitty design on the box, i dont know which ones
almond crush
chocolate almond crush
plain almond crush
creme brulee
bittersweet chocolate
mint chocolate
white chocolate
cotton candy
green apple
lemon lime
green tea
chocolate banana

yea dude. i want a pocky vending machine in my room

This film cost $31 million. With that kind of money I could have invaded some country.
- Clint Eastwood

"You call your mother Mimi?"
"Heinous One is a bit cumbersome."

mom left for colorado for a week today

for mothers day i gave my mom an ice crusher and a polka dot lawnchair that only i use. today for fathers day i gave tato a card i made this morning and told him he can take me to dinner and i'll pay for it. i made sure to ask mom for money for that before she left

Soon adv.
1.In the near future; shortly.
2.Without hesitation; promptly: came as soon as possible.
3.Before the usual or appointed time; early.
4.With willingness; readily: I'd as soon leave right now.
5.Obsolete. Immediately.

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You might just turn into something i like [12 Jun 2004|04:25pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]


Carolyn Burnham: Are you trying to look unattractive?
Jane Burnham: Yes.
Carolyn Burnham: Well, congratulations. You've succeeded admirably.

last week i watched American Beauty and An American Movie (names are coincidental) for the first time, and i definetely think differently now. if you see these both and then aren't changed, you're crap. thanks mickey

he's in houston now. his friend and him drove 26 hours down there without sleeping or stopping, only i guess to piss. they almost died driving the stick shift, and they hit a giant raccoon. he'll be home for a couple days in august, so it'll be like he never left. then paris

i saw Saved! yesterday and i liked it. i guess it pretty much summed up some opinions i have. what i hated, though, were the people watching it in the theatre, laughing because they thought these were elaborate, fabricated ideas that were put together by some genius to make a movie funny. the truth of it all was pretty pathetic

mads and i hung out yesterday and made a photo journal on here! she set it up actually but i was more of the behind-the-scenes person eggcelent_story  so go add it to your friends list and what not. and wish you were as hott as we are

i've been sick alot, i guess, since i got out of school. I've been really tired, hungry, frustrated, and have headaches up the butt. i've been a bum though and maybe should get to actually doing something...



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